Our Mascot (Mylo) meets R2D2


Mylo just met R2D2 and I’m not quite sure what they were saying to each other. However, I will make my best guess…      

Top 20 Email Marketing Terms You Should Know

E-mail Marketing

Online marketing has been a key strategy for our clients. However, there is a lot of jargon that may seem confusing. This is a great cheat sheet from our affiliate partner; Constant Contact. This was written by Michelle Keegan,  Constant Contact Email Marketing Expert If you have ever felt out of your depth in a […]

26 Tips for Managing Social Media


  Do you wonder how to go about exercising good social etiquette and managing your social networking communities, all at the same time? Social media community management has expanded into a growing field and there’s a lot to think about. Here’s a great link regarding great tips… http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/social-media-community-management/

Coconut Oil’s


If you’re looking for a healthy alternative in cooking oil, we suggest you try Dr. Bronner’s NEW Whole and White Kernel Coconut Oil.  Extensive field research in the tropics shows that people who follow a traditional diet high in coconut oil enjoy excellent cardiovascular health. Clinical research confirms that the saturated medium chain fatty acids […]

Hardening WordPress


Recently there’s been an increase in the number of hacks attempts on many of the sites in which we use and love on a daily basis. Millions of them use the popular framework called Word Press http://wordpress.org/ . Right now it’s one of the best CMSes that I’ve seen in awhile and we use it […]

Busy Designing!

side view of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

Recently, we had the pleasure of working on a bus wrap that is traveling with Ziggy Marley! Each side is promoting the various uses and benefits of industrial hemp, while including 2 of our clients who acknowledge the benefits of it, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and Hemp History Week. Click here if you want to […]

Top Ten Seo Tactics


1.?? ?Do not purchase a new domain unless you have to. The search engines put a lot of stock in how long your website and domain have been around. While you can purchase a new domain and redirect your old one to the new one, your best bet is to use your existing domain/website if […]

Convert a MySql database to Mongodb

I recently had a chance to try out one of the new NoSQL databases called MongoDB http://www.mongodb.org. This new class of databases seems to solve many of the bottlenecks in MySql and other relational databases. It will give you shear performance, self replication and scalability at not cost because it open source. MongoDB has plenty […]

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